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Best gifts for nurses to help her get through her long shift

Best gifts for nurses to help her get through her long shift

Because sh**ty patient assignments, inconsiderate family members, rude doctors, and administrators that don’t care have left her teetering on the edge...and if ONE more thing goes wrong she’s going to flip her S@#$.

  • A common phrase he will here in a nurse's station if you stay there long enough is, “does anyone have any advil?
  • Help the nurse in your life be prepared for the hospital-induced stress headache  and also help her become the popular kid at work by having headache meds always available in her bag.

Best Gourmet Dark Chocolate Bars

  • Bestselling author Seth Godin said in an interview that he is so obsessed with chocolate that he planned on making his own chocolate bars.  However, when he had chocolate from the Rogue Chocolatier, Askinosie, and Cacao Hunters...he decided that there was no way he could ever do better than them.  
  • If you want to equip your favorite nurse with tools to help her get through her shift, buy her two gourmet chocolate bars.  One for her, and one to distribute to the zombie horde known as her co-workers that will be grasping for samples as soon as she unwraps her treats.

  • Nurses LOVE compression socks.  Bang for the buck wise, there are few things that make as big an impact on their day as good compression socks.  
  • Shoutout to The Wirecutter again for doing such in-depth on the best ones.  You can read the full review here.

  • They also have Sockwell Compression Socks for Men that have equally strong reviews!

Best nursing shoes - Sanita (clog) & Brooks Running Shoes

  • We can make a whole blog post on nursing shoes as this is another critical piece of a nurses toolkit.
  • When most people consider nursing shoes, they think of Danskos, but here is the reason why I feel like Dankos are a bad choice.

  • If the nurse in your life wears Clogs due to fear of gross s*** spilling on them, then i’d recommend Sanita Women’s Professional PU Clogs.  I like these over real-leather because they are cheaper, and you won’t feel as badly treating them with the harsh chemicals needed to disinfect the spillage.

  • If she prefers tennis shoes, then i’d recommend Brooks Women’s Ghost 9 Running Shoes.  They are SUPER comfortable (I have the Men’s version), and they boast an avg. 4.5 out of 5 star rating with over 1,400 reviews!

  • Even if she already has a pair of good tennis shoes, it’s a good idea to have a second pair that she can rotate out which will allow the insoles to bounce back prolonging the life of the shoe.  I got that pro-tip from a co-worker of mine who is an Operating Room Tech and literally spends the entire day standing.  As I mentioned before, i’m always looking for tips and patterns with people that NEED to use a specific product for a specific reason every day of their lives.  They have already done the legwork by testing out all the products in their career, and we can just come in and leverage their knowledge to avoid making the same mistakes they did.

  • If your favorite nurse already has an awesome coffee maker or the Nespresso recommended earlier, give her something cute and effective to carry the liquid.  
  • The Corkcicle travel mug will “keep beverages cold for 9 hours and hot for 3 hours”.

  • As much as I love the corkcicle travel mug, it’s not big enough to carry water, and she would also have to rinse out the coffee and would probably still have some coffee aftertaste in her water.  
  • So I recommend getting a specific container for water.  Because it keeps the temperature cold for so long, she can keep the container outside of the fridge (because there’s probably no room in it) and still enjoy ice cold water.

Best Pen - Fisher Space Pen

  • Nurses shifts are SO hectic, that any delays can have this cascading effect that ends up in a crappy situation.  So the nurse in your life needs things that just WORK.  She wants things that do what they’ll say they do when they say they’ll do it.  
  • So if you are the significant other of a nurse and don't qualify as something that just WORKS for her...you can make her feel better about your shortcomings by buying her dependable gear.

  • The Fisher Space Pen was originally designed for astronauts, so the pen will work in every environment, at any angle.  It just works.
  • The Fisher Bullet Space Pen is the most popular pen they have, but I have found that the two halves of the pen become unscrewed in my pocket and the pen falls apart.  Also because of the small profile, I have lost a ton of them, which sucks because they aren’t cheap.

  • Now I get the full-size space pen, and haven’t lost it yet.

Best Marker - Twin Tip Sharpie

  • Completing the kit of writing utensils is the almighty Sharpie.  You may be asking, wait, didn’t you just say that the Space Pen works in every condition?  Well...almost every condition.
  • Nurses will have to mark-up plastic often, and using pen ink will often get smudged which gets all over her hand and messes up the label she is writing on.  
  • That’s why I always carry a Dual-Tip sharpie which works perfectly on things like medication labels, and plastic bags.

  • Nurses hands get so f**** up from alcohol based hand sanitizers that they’ll start to crack and bleed, which makes using hand sanitizers, or squeezing lemons SUPER painful.  
  • The Adamia Fragrance Free Therapeutic Repair Hand Cream has an avg. 4.5 out of 5 stars with 61 customer reviews, and is the winner of the Women’s Choice Award 2016 & 2017.  
  • Gift this travel size container for the nurse to keep in your bag and she’ll love you for it.

  • I often go back and forth in my mind about what the most important tool is for nurses.  
  • Conventional wisdom would say a good stethoscope, but from a usage perspective, I find that having good trauma scissors is way more useful. 
  • The Prestige Medical Flouride Scissors (make sure you buy the 7 ½ inch version!) are a crazy good value.  They only cost $9 so I buy several at a time, and always have a spare in my bag in case someone (probably a doctor) runs off with my pair.

  • Upgrade Pick: If your nurse works in the ER, OR, or Trauma, consider purchasing the Leatherman - Raptor Shears
  • These things are baller, and are the tool of choice for first responders.  
  • They can cut through anything and have 6 - tools in one: They have folding medical shears, seatbelt strap cutter, ring cutter, a ruler, oxygen tank wrench, and a carbide glass breaker. 
  • I love how much utility this tool has, plus it has a pretty badass name

  • One of the problems with the penlights you normally see nurses carry is that they only have one setting...also they’re generally super cheap and don’t have replaceable batteries. 
  • The ThruNite Ti4 has 4 settings from firefly to bright, which will allow the nurse to do neuro assessments in a variety of lighting conditions.  
  • This flexibility makes a big difference. 

Best Stethoscope - Littman 6179 Cardiology IV 

  • Ask any doctor or old school nurse what the best stethoscope they’ve ever used and i’d bet nearly ever one mentions a Littmann Cardiology stethoscope.
  • This is the stethoscope my dad uses as a doctor, and this is what I used, and what i’ll probably recommend other people use until the end of time. 
  • If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it folks. 
  • That being said, it’s true that the stethoscope design hasn’t been dramatically changed for 100s of years.  
  • I did come across an interesting new idea in the space from a company called ThinkLabs.  They have a digital stethoscope that utilizes any pair of headphones, and can record the sounds you hear.  
  • I could see the value of this as a teaching tool, or as a way of recording the nurse’s assessment and playing it back to the doctor who probably doesn’t believe that she heard what she heard.
  • I haven’t tried the ThinkLabs stethoscope personally and i’ve never seen them in the wild, so i’m not sure how their product stacks up to the tried and true Littmann workhorse.
  • Major props to their company for trying to disrupt this old school technology. 

Best backup supplies to give to your favorite nurses
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Best gifts for nurses to get ready faster

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